Shannah Kennedy

Master Life Strategist, Wellbeing Specialist, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker

Based in Melbourne


Shannah Kennedy had an incredible career in sports management and sponsorship working with over 100 Olympic and elite athletes until she hit burnout and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression. She hired a life coach for herself to shift out of the darkness, review, reset and refocus her life.

In 2000 she studied to be one of Melbourne’s first life coaches, focusing on coaching athletes into retirement after seeing so much destruction in their lives outside of sport.

Shannah Kennedy is now a leading business and life coach and master strategist, trusted by her clients across the spectrum of business, sport and entertainment. She challenges people to rethink their relationships to work, wellbeing and life. “We work to discover who you really are without the title.”

Shannah is currently working with a mix of C-suite executives, clients in transition (and/or suffering from burnout), business owners and high-potential staff. She coaches the gap between where you are today and where you aspire to be in the future. She also supports people who feel exhausted and “need a new map”

Her bestselling book ‘The Life Plan’ is the basis of her transformative approach, developed over 20 years of working with people seeking more meaningful lives. She is recognised as one of Australia’s most influential life coaches featured in the Australian Financial Review, Huffington Post, The Sydney Morning Herald and Thrive Global.

She has co-authored 4 other books with a global presence, Chaos to Calm, Restore, Shine and Ignite. As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator both on stage, in the boardroom and virtually via webinar and live Q & As, Shannah delivers highly engaging, interactive and educational workshops designed to have an immediate impact and empower participants to simplify, take action and build their road map to success. She delivers essential life and wellness skills to transform the way you live and work, and create clarity, purpose and direction with a light shone on the value of self-care, self-management and self-leadership.

She lives in Bayside Melbourne with her husband Michael and teenage children Jack and Mia and is an ambassador for Asia’s best health retreat, Kamalaya, Koh Samui. She loves adventure and exploring the world as a family.



Interactive, Fun, Relevant, Practical and Real, a true upskill of wellbeing life skills to combat exhaustion, overwhelm and anxiety.

Delivered virtually or inhouse


A program to reset, restore and re-energise. A fresh approach with tools, tips and strategies for combating burnout, anxiety, overwhelm and build a fresh foundation for health and wellbeing. Packed with powerful questions to reflect on, and introducing the modern practical tool kit for high performance and avoiding burnout.

  • Self-Connection – Burnout, Mental Health, Values, Power Questions
  • Self-Management – Future Vision, Fresh Goals, Healthy Habits, Power Routines
  • Self-Leadership – Power Planning, Confidence, Science of Happiness, Celebration
  • Self Mastery – Affirmations, Gratitude, Control the Controllables, Breath



Plan B is the roadmap to pick up anytime you experience change in your life. A Masterclass on the 4 steps every human experiences when faced with change. Upskill on the process so you can handle change with confidence and grace.

Delivered virtually or inhouse


A program to educate employees on the human roadmap through change. A fresh approach with tools, tips and strategies for navigating and embracing change both personally and professionally. Packed with powerful tools and tips, how to guides and the solution to reclaiming power to move forward.

  • Respond – The Change – Breathe, Acknowledge Feelings, Grieve, Choose Narrative
  • Recover – The Healing – Self Care, 4 Pillars of Health, The Gift, You’ve Got This
  • Reset – The Pivot – Redefine Values, Set Goals, Simplify, Be the Change
  • Radiate – The Awakening – Happy Habits, Embrace Joy, Personal Power, Celebrate


Working with you to tailor a keynote, masterclass, webinar or workshop

Topics include:

» Burnout, Anxiety, Overwhelm,

» Values, Vision, Goals

» Mindfulness, Stress Management, Mindset

» Wellness Foundations – eat, move, sleep, nourish

» Vision Board Masterclass

» The Business Case for Self Care

» Confidence and Decision Making

» Protecting the Asset – You

» Hardwiring Habits

» Boundaries for Calm Confidence

» Breath work for cellular change


“As one of Australia’s foremost life coaches, Shannah is truly a leader in her field. What makes her particularly powerful, however, is her ability to bring incredible calm, clarity and direction to people’s lives in a manner that’s strategic, compassionate and incredibly human.”

Belinda Wall - Founder, Brand Amplified

“Her knowledge, insights and life strategies have transformed the way people live their lives creating structure, focus and utilising practical tools to live a fulfilled life and ensure work-life balance”.

Colleen Callander - CEO Sportsgirl

“Shannah Kennedy is one of the best life coaches I have come across. She delivers practical and useful tools to help you be the best version of yourself.”

Deborah Hutton - Media Personality

“Highly engaging, professional and truly inspirational”

Rebecca Hard - CEO Sussan

“Shannah – you helped me to GOLD, thank you so much”

Alisa Camplin OAM - Olympian

“Coaching in business and life is at the heart of all sustained success. An elite coach can put you on the “Fast Track” to your ultimate success. Shannah is time tested and an elite coach with a proven track record.”

Rik Rushton - TedX Speaker

“Shannah is an invaluable source of information and advice regarding corporate health and the practical steps employees, and employers, need to take to ensure optimum physical, emotional and mental wellness.”

Helen Hawkes - Journalist

“Now more than ever we need to be adaptable, agile and constantly upskilling to welcome the change that we are surrounded by. It is time to take control with strategies, insights and solutions to ignite your life”

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