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February J, 2022
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Founded by renowned youth worker Les Twentyman, the Les Twentyman Foundation promotes the well-being of children and young people in Australia by providing services that help them build good relationships with family and friends, learn the skills they need to be successful, and reach their full potential.

The support they provide includes helping kids who are living in poverty, mental health issues, unemployment, racism, addiction and domestic violence.

We help people stay engaged in the community, building hope and ensuring that they do not end up living on the street or being involved with the youth justice system. We've been working in the sector for more than 30 years, and our history is one of helping youth and young people avoid ending up homeless, living on the streets or becoming involved with the juvenile justice system.

A child's connection and engagement is key to his or her future. For that reason, we want to see every child in our care be connected to his or her family, community and the world beyond. Our learning programs are built on that premise.

Filmed back in the '90s, this documentary short features a young 16yo boy accidentally found behind the offices in Nicholson street Footscray where Richard Tregear and Les buried 35 kids that year that had overdosed.

Now 42, that boy sent Les a message saying he is now studying Drugs & Alcohol Certificate 4 and wants to give back to the community. He also wants to thank the Les Twentyman Foundation, saying it was the foundation that saved him, in particular, outreach worker Richard Tregear that he still sees often.

Les Twentyman Foundation

The Les Twentyman Foundation is dedicated to helping and supporting “at-risk” youth. Through a variety of programs we connect with the youth of all ages and help them get back on their feet and re-connect with the community. If you're looking to help their cause, head over to their website - Les Twentyman Foundation

Here's a link to an article from 'The Age' regarding former Back To School Student, Richard Phan. It's these kinds of success stories that reiterate the importance of what they do, working alongside and believing in our young people allowing them to shine! 

Another article from the Herald Sun on solutions to recruitment into gangs and anti-social behaviour.

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