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The Captain and Coach program consists of seven main areas.

The first session which is the starting point for any ongoing work would involve two areas – Attitude and Teamwork taking approximately 2 hours.

The area about attitude is titled “Good to Great.”
Great people make great companies.
Great people have a burning desire to get better or develop an edge.

There are four basics for people to go from “Good to Great”

  1. Having fun
  2. Being positive
  3. What are the people passionate about
  4. Being answerable or accountable

The above four basics are developed with your people.

Ken will conduct the session on Teamwork. The seven essential ingredients of successful teams are discussed as well as the five hallmarks of poor teams. Also, how to create and develop team harmony and promote positive interaction are key aspects of this talk.

There is a handout given for feedback on how your employees rate their teams.

Based on the feedback received the Captain and Coach can facilitate a follow up that may be required as a result of this feedback. The following five areas could be done in any order depending on your company's needs.


How do professional people prepare?
Kim talks about preparing for a tour of India and relates this to preparing for the next 2-3 months with your company.
The 6P’S are discussed ie: Prior Proper Preparation Prevents poor performance


Different aspects of leadership are discussed. A chain is as strong as its weakest link!!
Teams have their stars but they also have their contributors.
Great teams have people that do their job or role to the best of their ability and not according to how much they get paid.
In successful teams, the individuals control the team no matter what title or role they have.
We get the attendees to fill out a Self Analysis sheet which gives us a profile on their personality the information is fed back to both the individual and to management.

Mates and Mentors

This is a program that deals with the importance of the above particularly for men. It has a huge impact on men’s health! Men are warriors – we talk
about our own experiences regarding the power that mates and mentors have had in our lives.

Mentoring is important for your leadership group in particular. The role of mentors is becoming increasingly important. People in leadership positions can become very isolated and lonely. The role of the mentor can provide a solution to such a situation.

Goal Setting

A program that can be catered for employees at all levels of management.

How to go about setting and achieving goals? Personal and company goals can be set and also reviewed.
Determining individual goals gives a good insight into how focussed and committed the individual is personally and to the company.

Apprenticeship Program

In this session with apprentices the areas included are “Good to Great”, Teamwork and Goal setting. Areas discussed are dealing with the challenges of an apprenticeship ie – Have I made the right choice? This is too hard!!! I don’t enjoy doing all the mundane jobs!!!

Kim and Ken went through apprenticeships in their sporting careers. Kim played senior cricket as a 15-year-old and Ken played league football as a 17-year-old.
These sessions have been conducted at both the Cat Institute(WesTrac) and for the apprentices at Macmahon's. This session is pitched at a level that the attendees can relate to. We discuss that having some doubts or questioning themselves is common and how to deal with those self-doubts.


The Captain and Coach have been in business for 12 years.

During this time we have worked for many clients including – WesTrac, CUB, BankWest, Win T.V, Mitsubishi, CSBP, Chamber of Commerce, Rio Tinto, B.H.P. Billiton, Thiess, AGC, Citic Pacific, Redpath Australia and BGC.

"Kim was absolutely brilliant and one of the best speakers we have had so far. He was very entertaining and very generous with his time in telling stories, taking questions and helping out with the auction and raffles. He was also very candid about a number of different topics (i.e. his playing career, work, parenting, current players etc). This resonated very well with our audience and the feedback has been nothing but great. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Thanks for another great speaker choice A Positive Move!"

- Pat Connelly, Kensington Cricket Club

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