Mark Bray

Based in Melbourne

Founder of Make One’s Mark and Regional Director at Ethos Urban, Mark is passionate about inspiring people to be better than they believe they can be. His innovative, funny and down to earth approach allows his unique ability of tapping into people’s internal compass, shedding light on what they truly value to help individuals and teams uncover their extraordinary.

In a world where social media and the public opinion is that we can be whatever we want to be, but more than ever so many of us doubt our own abilities, Mark has the ability, through charisma, humility and a frank nature to inspire people to gain courage, take action and achieve so much more than they thought they could ever achieve.

A successful businessman with over 30 years’ experience in the property and construction sector, his skills have leant themselves to turning problem businesses around through the process of inspiring people at its core.

This work lead to Mark being a finalist of the IML’s Leader of the Year as nominated by his own team, a testament to his leadership skills.

Mark is also Regional Director at Ethos Urban where he has been brought in to build a growth mindset culture and a successful thriving enterprise to deliver ‘Better Urban Experiences’.

This work and thinking, linked with his work as founder of Make One’s Mark, in working with people and businesses to uncover their extraordinary, have led to talks and keynotes like ‘Making Space for Leadership”, “The Sound of Collaboration” and “Beyond Leadership”.

His innovative business turnaround framework of FIFO (Fit In or Fuck off), although sounding aggressive, is all about the right people in the rights seats, fulfilling their purpose to drive personal, team and business performance. The story of where the inspiration of FIFO came from and the framework and tools will be published in his upcoming book!

Marks fun, inspiring and down to earth plain talking talks engage his audience and give them practical insights and tools they can use straight away, for themselves or their teams, to start making positive change in helping others uncover their extraordinary.

Mark is also a Board Member at Swinburne University for their Centre for Design Innovation, a board member at Swinburne University Design Factory and Chairman of the Property Council of Australia’s Mentor Programme.

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