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“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”

Tiffanee Cook has learned this as a businesswoman, performance coach and boxer; from the comfort, predictability and safety provided by the corporate world, to the lessons and let-downs in and out of the boxing ring. Coming to the realisation that in order to have one’s hand raised in triumph, adversity, discomfort and combat must be navigated. In the face of the messiness of life, do we fight, or do we flee?

Tiffanee speaks openly of her own personal experiences (good and bad) and how those experiences have enabled her to develop self-awareness, resilience, courage, independence and the skill to be able to maximise passion, possibilities and potential. She talks about getting knocked down (literally and metaphorically) and what it is that makes some of us get back up and some, stay down.

Working in business, sport, high performance and personal development, Tiffanee explores a range of ideas, tools, skills, resources, philosophies and strategies to empower individuals, teams and organisations to improve everything from productivity, efficiency, culture and communication to physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Empowerment Programs

Cultivating self-esteem & resilience through boxing-inspired workshops run exclusively by dynamic two-time Victorian Novice Champion, Athlete, Performance Coach and Presenter Tiffanee Cook.  Encouraging boys and girls of all backgrounds to connect physically and emotionally to feel stronger, more confident and physically fit.   Programs can involve either or both physical skills and training sessions as well as interactive workshops as described below.

Boxing: Physical Skills & Training Sessions

30, 45 or 60-minute group training sessions can be held at St Kilda and Caulfield

Fitness: Programs are designed to teach participants basic boxing skills and improve fitness in a fun, non-confrontational atmosphere.

Mindset: Boxing requires focus, coordination and split-second decision making. Boxing has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, releasing endorphins and resulting in increased feelings of happiness and confidence.

Team Building: Programs are designed to promote teamwork in a fun and competitive way.  Individuals that feel part of a team are more motivated and productive.

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