Jason Akermanis

Retired AFL Footballer


Author, Brownlow Medalist and triple premiership player, Jason Akermanis, affectionately known as ‘Aker’, had a football career as colourful as any of the controversies he has involved himself with via the media since he left the game.

A unique footballer, a fearless commentator and a fantastic after-dinner speaker Akermanis will bring an insightful and entertaining edge to your next event. With Jason, anything could possibly happen...and usually does.

"Everyone wants to be liked but I've got to the point of acceptance. My accomplishments and where I've come from giving me the strength to make me who I am."

A brilliant footballer who polarized fans and peers with his flamboyant play, celebratory handstands and striking blonde hair and contrasting black beard, Akermanis was troubled throughout his career for “an unwelcome frankness of opinions” both verbally and through his outspoken columns.

What he saw as honesty, The Lions and Bulldogs saw as destructive disloyalty. After he stopped pulling on the boots he turned this “frankness of opinion” into a full-time media career, with radio programs, newspaper columns, and TV appearances.

An excellent speaker, Jason entertains his audiences with his insightful views of the world “according to Akermanis” and a seemingly endless source of amusing anecdotes from his time as an elite AFL player and his present days as a social and football commentator.

Jason realizes there are many parallels between the sports world and the business world and by drawing upon these similarities he will show your clients and guests how they can achieve "peak performance" through better teamwork, communication and leadership, and how important it is to stand up for what they believe in.

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