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Jordana Borensztajn is a dynamic, playful and vibrant keynote speaker, MC, humourist, author, public speaking trainer, magician and mentalist. She loves creativity, new ideas, and bringing dreams to life.

Jordana’s energy is electrifying and it radiates from the stage straight to the hearts of her audience members. Her boundless energy on stage is infectious. Through sharing her humour, creativity, insights, lessons and learnings in an engaging, joyful and meaningful way, Jordana activates the imagination and curiosity of event delegates.

Jordana customises keynotes for each group she presents for, she writes new jokes for every audience, and she weaves in masterful, funny and colourful storytelling that makes both keynote presentations and MC engagements lots of fun and completely unforgettable.

Her effervescent enthusiasm and uplifting presence on stage inspires crowds to feel excited, confident and passionate about expressing and exploring their own joy, creative ideas and true potential.

As Australia’s only female magician and mentalist in the corporate world, she gets the ultimate joy from surprising audiences by creating an atmosphere of awe, wonder and delight!

Jordana Borensztajn was a News Corp Australia journalist, she worked at Nova Entertainment as online music editor, content producer and social media manager, she’s written two business-marketing books and an illustrated children’s book, and she’s performed two sold-out shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Her first book, Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative

Content, taught business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers how to build their personal and professional brands with captivating digital content. Her second book, 21 Steps to Become an Awesome Public Speaker, is a fun and engaging pocketbook, filled with tips, techniques and strategies to help people overcome their fear of public speaking. And her most recent book called You Are The Magic is filled with inspiring poems and rhymes that empowers young readers to hold onto their magic, creativity and imagination. Jordana has been featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Channel 10’s The Living Room, Nova 100, ABC Radio National, WIN News, Channel 31, and across the Herald Sun, mX, the Sunday Herald Sun, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

When Jordana’s not on stage, or online, delivering high-energy and interactive presentations and workshops, she’s busy seeking out small animals to take selfies with to boost her Instagram following.


Creating Connections and Breaking Barriers

To collaborate at our peak, create an atmosphere of trust among teams, work cohesively and happily with our colleagues, and ensure everyone feels genuinely valued, we need to build and foster meaningful and uplifting workplace connections.

In this entertaining, insightful and delightful keynote, Jordana will share invaluable lessons she has learnt from hitting capital cities across Australia to create a documentary called Magic with Strangers. Moving from fear and distrust to laughter, warmth and wonderment with complete strangers in just minutes, Jordana deconstructs and shares powerful lessons you can apply to radically enhance communication and connections at your workplace, including:

  • Bring laughter and joy into your cultural ethos
  • Create a sense of belonging; We are social creatures
  • How to feel safe and relaxed with your co-workers
  • Trust and seek to connect with the spirit of others; not their ego
  • Proactively learn about your colleagues: Don’t assume you know anyone!
  • Create meaningful shared experiences to develop new points of connection
  • Don't be afraid to start new conversations: Make it a workplace practise
  • Celebrate each other regularly; When we feel seen and valued for what we individually contribute, we’re much happier and way more productive

Turning On Workplace Creativity

Ignite Innovation, Spark Ideas, Create New Possibilities

Creativity fuels innovation and drives new ideas. It helps us problem-solve in unconventional

ways and encourages an atmosphere of interactivity and engagement where everyone feels seen and valued. As a result, excitement and productivity levels soar to new heights.

So how can you infuse your workplace culture with innovation, the joy of collaboration, and constant ideation so you gain a competitive advantage? In this high-energy, inspiring and interactive keynote, Jordana shares the entertaining story of discovering her inner magician

to teach your team how to uncover your own untapped resources for creative inspiration. Using magic and mentalism as practical tools to activate your imagination and sense of play, you will learn:

  • How to create an atmosphere where creativity thrives
  • Why we need to replace habitual thinking with openness, curiosity and wonder
  • How to adopt a magician’s mindset to create new possibilities in your workplace
  • How to nurture innovation and empower your employees
  • How to embrace change with enthusiasm
  • How to connect, collaborate and innovate at a higher level with more productivity
  • And most importantly, how to have way more fun at work... Every day!
  • This is the exact session you need to magically make your company come alive and take the
  • lead!

MCing with a comedy twist; Fun facilitator and host; Experienced interviewer

Drawing on her stand-up comedy, public speaking and extensive media experience, Jordana Borensztajn brings laughs, fresh ideas and an innovative approach to the role of MC, Facilitator and Host.

As an MC, Jordana Borensztajn creates an uplifting and energising experience, weaving an event together with customised comedy and witty observations, adding a playful and memorable point of difference for delegates.

As Facilitator & Host, Jordana draws on her public speaking, journalism and comedy backgrounds to create a unique space where both guests and audience members feel at ease with her curious, creative and fun interviewing and storytelling techniques.

Build your leadership skills with a powerful presentation toolkit

Powerful presentation skills are essential when developing your career, and building your leadership skills. Whether you head up meetings, present on camera, or connect daily with your clients, its important to deliver your key messages with clarity and impact.

However, many of us are afraid of public speaking and choose to stay out of the spotlight.

In this high-energy, interactive and hands-on session, Jordana Borensztajn shares valuable techniques to help you turn public speaking fear into fun! You’ll learn how to enhance your power of influence to deliver your key business messages in a truly memorable way.

Jordana Borensztajn shares easy action steps teaching you how to transform fear into positive energy, use your body language and voice for maximum impact, use storytelling to inspire, how to showcase your unique point of difference, and importantly, to learn to love presenting: on camera, on screen, or in front of a crowd!

Next generation communication

Creating positive connections across the generations

Four generations are working together under one corporate roof. Yikes. From the unique position of a Millennial, Jordana Borensztajn breaks down the qualities and traits that differentiate Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials), and Gen Z so that we can all learn to positively connect, communicate and collaborate.

In this entertaining, educational and highly interactive keynote presentation, Jordana shares easy action steps to help managers decode, motivate and engage their young employees so that we can all work together to achieve the same business goals.

Build your brand with creative social media marketing

In today’s noisy digital world, brands and businesses are fighting for attention. In this engaging, high-energy and insightful keynote, Jordana shares techniques to help you cut through the social media chaos.

You’ll overcome social media fears, and gain easy-to-apply tools and techniques to develop a unique brand voice, generate captivating visuals and use powerful storytelling techniques to connect with your audience in meaningful ways.


"Wow! What a powerhouse! Jordana delivered a highly engaging and entertaining presentation to our group of small business operators.

The comments at the end of the presentation confirmed that our attendees walked away with a different perspective on life and on what they could achieve going forward. Much appreciated. Keep the magic happening!"     

Kyabram Chamber of Commerce


"An afternoon with the magical Jordana away from the complexity of a major health service and its 2+ years of COVID challenges was awesome.

Card games, mystery and fun were all features on the Borensztajn menu; our clinicians and operational leaders filled with the excitement of younger people as they focused on their arts and crafts in the warm sunlight. The few hours spent in the wonder of magic lifted the mood whilst the jokes and laughter flowed throughout the performance. Thank you Jordana for taking us all back to a time when the wonder of magic was the only problem to solve."

Eastern Health


"We wanted a keynote that would bring the energy and fun to an otherwise fairly content heavy conference. Jordana brought this in spades (diamonds, hearts and clubs...). Magic and a message all wrapped up in an entertaining and absorbing package.

Our delegates left our conference with a twinkle in their eye and a spring in their step. Jordana was an absolute joy to work with."

Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce


“We were absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm and genuine joy Jordana brought to our event! The communication prior to the event was a breeze and Jordana met our brief perfectly. It was so refreshing to not be served the same old tired jokes about people, but instead to be wowed, awed and inspired with magic, thoughtful insights and great energy.

We were taken on a journey that resulted in a group of people, that are usually quite reserved, running to craft-filled tables trying to build the best Octopus! The resulting laughter and joy was real, and more than one person thanked Jordana personally on the night for her contagious enthusiasm. A memorable experience for everyone. Jordana is inspiring, humorous and a professional entertainer for the modern day. Simply ‘Wonder-Full’. Thank you again for bringing your magic to our Conference."

Advanced Business Manager

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