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Joel Sardi is a man who has lived a life on both sides of the fence, military and civilian, able bodied and disabled. Through his story telling and vulnerability, he has the ability to empower anybody with the knowledge & ability to embrace adversity and failure and to rediscover their purpose and ultimately thrive in their daily lives. A story with lessons and elements for anybody looking to truly learn how they can apply perspective to everything and thrive.

On the 31st of August 2014, Joel had a fall and broke his C2, C5, T3, T4 & T5 vertebrae. The injury caused irreparable spinal cord damage. Joel is classified as a “C-5'“ Quadriplegic.

Joel is paralysed from the shoulders down. He has no movement in his legs but fortunately activate his biceps, forearms and wrists.

With the injury originally occurring in Adelaide where Joel was working, he was brought to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he stayed for 10 days, before being airlifted to Melbourne's Austin Hospital. He spent the next 12 months at The Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital where he underwent extensive rehab sessions to further improve his skills and learn to adjust to life as a quadriplegic before moving home.

Joel speaks publicly about his story and life experiences. He shares experiences from his time in the Australian Army and comparisons with life pre and post injury. He shares private photos and videos with his audience and speaks about the challenges he still faces. After hearing Joel speak YOU WILL leave with an ability to harness the POWER of PERSPECTIVE.

Joel has a story like everyone does, and his strength is being able to relate to the everyday person. His story is raw and the interaction with the audience allows him to equip them with ways to embrace adversity, set direction and find purpose. He has developed a minor “perspective project” that channels the principles of cognitive reframing, this is a take home for his audiences.

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