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Josh Pennell started investing at 15 and has invested in an array of successful global companies, properties and privately owned businesses. He also runs a successful beachside Airbnb in one of Australia’s most popular coastal holiday destinations.

He is the expert finance commentator on radio station 94.1FM and has featured in Smart Company, MSN Money and on some of Australia’s most successful finance podcasts. Josh is also the founder of The Family Law Financial Journal and was a finalist in the 2021 Financial Planning Association of Australia Innovation in Advice Award.

Josh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from RMIT University and numerous post-graduate qualifications. He has been a wealth management and investment advisor for 18 years. He is a Director of Prosper Advisory Business & Wealth Advisors and sits on the board of OzPlan Financial Services, a conglomerate of 8 wealth management firms located around Victoria.

Josh is the author of a new book “What Parents Want – How to achieve financial freedom, life balance and family happiness”.

Josh has advised clients with investment portfolios as large as $40,000,000 and incomes of many millions of dollars per year. Josh has achieved a lot, but going through a difficult divorce which also led to the failure of his fledgling start-up company were some of his most valuable life lessons.

Josh is a Dad to two kids and a father figure to his partner's two kids. The process of rebuilding and creating a happy blended family with four kids has given him a lot of life experience to help busy working parents to achieve their best life. Learning and evolving from his failures and challenges, motivates Josh to guide others to avoid similar mistakes and pitfalls by ensuring they effectively direct their time, energy and money to the areas of their life that will bring maximum reward.

With a passion for both finance and family, Josh built the SELF Wealth Method and Parental Balance Models which set the framework for guiding families to simultaneously enjoy financial and lifestyle freedom, life balance and family happiness.

Via his 25 years of investing experience, he shows people faster ways to grow wealth with tools like The Wealth Machine and Wealth Wall. He explains the "magic" that has helped others turn just $1 into over $700,000, $500 into $3,000,000 and how people can earn $100,000 per year for doing absolutely nothing.

Growing up in the country makes Josh a very versatile speaker. Josh is comfortable chatting with a local footy club audience as well as presenting to the corporate sector.

A sports lover and avid runner who has completed marathons and triathlons, Josh also shares powerful yet simple ways to maximise your physical and mental health so your body and mind can be in the best shape to tackle a busy work and home life. He shows you how to make finances fun and move from confusion to clarity when faced with the myriad of responsibilities our busy lives throw at us.

Josh takes busy stressed parents and leaves them feeling calm, clear and in control in an otherwise hectic world. Josh gives you the tools to make you financially rich and your family life enriched.


“We recently organised a presentation from Josh for our team at Sierra Legal. Our team is spread over Melbourne and Brisbane, so Josh kindly arranged the presentation via Zoom, which worked very well. The presentation covered a broad range of financial, investment and lifestyle matters. We were provided with a number of interesting facts & useful tips. The people in our team have very different levels of understanding in these areas, but Josh was fantastic in terms of being able to present in a level of detail that made it interesting and relevant to everyone in the audience. The feedback from the team was very positive, and everyone seemed to take away some valuable learnings that will hopefully help them set and achieve improved financial and lifestyle outcomes.”
- Craig Sanford – Director - Founder at Sierra Legal

“Josh and the Prosper Advisory have been a good support to us. They recently conducted an interactive lunch & learn session with our Prime Motive team and provided great education & tips!”
- Brendan Michel – Director - Prime Motive

“Josh has been an absolute pleasure to deal with in introducing their Thrive program to Wood & Grieve Engineers. Being engineers, we naturally had many questions about the ins and outs of the program that was being offered wanting to ensure that Thrive is a credible and quality product to expose our staff to. Needless to say that the Prosper team have been energetic, communicative and extremely knowledgeable about the product offering. I am personally excited to join the program and enjoy the forthcoming health and well-being benefits.”

- John Lucchetti – Principal - Wood & Grieve Engineers

“Josh provided a really engaging and informative presentation to our firm. They shared a broad range of useful information and the statistics on the lifecycle of investments was particularly thought-provoking. It was definitely food for thought for all of our attendees, no matter their age, stage of life and personal financial circumstances.”

- Briana Kotzapavlidis - Partner - Tisher Liner FC Law

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