Tom Bishop


Based in Melbourne


Tom Bishop is a 31-year old semi-retired, golf extremist, property developer and investor, amongst other things!

Tom believes the secret to success starts with your personal partner and your willingness to accept and fail more than anyone else. Through failure we learn how to prepare to succeed, Tom is an entrepreneur who thinks outside the box and is not scared to step into unknown territory which he has done on more than one occasion.

One of his many exciting adventures is the story of “The One Man Corporation” a snapshot.

Tom has had many companies and his most successful was a multi-million dollar drop shipping and adaptive e-commerce company.

Tom created a facade for his business of a large scale supply corporation company that took on some of the largest companies we have here in Australia and he did it all by himself.  Tom created the illusion to the point where his clients had no idea. In fact Tom was the sales, the marketing, the customer service, the accounts, the warehousing and distribution, the I.T and E-commerce, the lead creator, inventory manager… name it he was all of them, and all at the same time.

Using innovative technologies and strong core principles, Tom effectively ran the organization by himself for 4 years whilst still providing a level of service to his customers unmatched by his competitors.

The story is both motivating, inspiring and down right gutsy, proving that in business and success,  mindset matters.

Tom’s mottos are….“The fastest way to succeed is to fail“ AND  “Opportunities are found in attempts”.

A wonderful speaker who will hit the mark with innovators and risk takers alike.

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Docklands VIC 3008 Australia
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